Instructions for use Clean Forte

Clean Forte instructions

instructions for use Clean Forte

To the application of the drops was as effective as possible, and your body is rapidly cleared from parasites, it is necessary to use the product against parasites strictly according to the instructions. It is affixed to the packaging with the product, but for the case of its loss below is written how to use Clean Forte.

In addition to 30 drops of the drug in a glass of clean water. Use for half an hour before meals. Use products twice a day during the month.

Indications for use

It is recommended to perform the examination in a specialist to accurately determine the presence of parasites in the body, but some symptoms may indirectly confirm the infection:

  • Fatigue, apathy, drowsiness, migraines.
  • Regular night waking.
  • Interruption of the work of the intestines, diarrhea, vomiting, pain in the stomach.
  • Problems with skin, itching, allergic reactions.
  • Pain symptoms in the chest, shortness of breath.
  • Not a single symptom from the list already with a high probability indicates the presence of parasites in the body. It is recommended to pass the course Clean Forte in the prophylactic purposes.


    Drops Clean Forte they have no contraindications and is not able to cause any side effects because it is natural composition makes a soft and safe course of treatment. The product can be used by any person in Hungary who have suspicion for each other the presence of parasites, the only contraindication may be allergic to the components and composition of the vehicle.